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Data protection and GDPR

Businesses must be mindful of data protection to manage their own risks. At Hedman Partners, we provide the full spectrum of data-protection advisory services.

Whether you have yet to conceive a data-protection strategy or you already have a draft or a finalized plan and protocol, we can help make data-protection obligations clearer and make implementation easier.

We can provide up-to-date training for your staff applicable to information technology, website cookies, marketing, credit ratings and other matters. Should you become involved in a dispute over data protection, we are there to lend assistance and represent you.

  • Data processing agreements
  • Privacy policies
  • Privacy and electronic communications
  • Data-protection compliance
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Privacy training for staff
  • Appeals

”Hedman Partners offers a utilization of legal services as strategic business support. With the support of our international partnering network, we can help you with business challenges near and far. Ask us for details! Our main objective is to help our clients grow their business and reach their goals."

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