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Services for entrepreneurs, organizations and corporations

You can be a private entrepreneur or a representative of an international organization. We serve companies, organizations and corporations of all sizes with our experienced attorneys and lawyers, both locally and internationally.

Entrepreneurship and business law

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), at their best, are a vital part of a business’s growth and a natural part of its life cycle.
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International transactions

Hedman Partners represents both local and foreign clients in international transactions, projects, litigation and other legal matters.
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Brands and media

A business’s greatest value can lie in its intangible assets such as its brand and original content.
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Finance and insurance sector

Knowing the law and putting it to good use offers a competitive advantage when selling and marketing products and services in the finance and insurance sector.
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Dispute resolution

When things don’t go according to plan, a business may need to tread the waters of dispute resolution. In the case of a conflict, it is prudent to enlist the help of professionals as soon as possible.
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Data protection and GDPR

Businesses must be mindful of data protection to manage their own risks. At Hedman Partners, we provide the full spectrum of data-protection advisory services.
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Why choose Hedman Partners?

We combine a legal expertise with a practical, common-sense approach to business. Our goal is to brighten up for you the most suitable opportunities from the perspective of your business in a cost-effective way.


Comprehensive project leadership is our strength. We help businesses grow and their owners, succeed. We stay with our clients throughout the entire life cycle of their business.


Based on a model of efficiency, expediency and transparency, our legal services and support can be accessed by our clients in a timely manner and without any fuss.


We give our clients perspective on their businesses and their markets, identifying strengths and weaknesses and strategies for dealing with both. Having an objective knowledge of risks and opportunities enables our business clients to make the right decisions.


We believe that a law firm should not hinder business but make it more dynamic, efficient and competitive. We have years of experience assisting companies reach their goals.
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”We have been helping our corporate customers succeed for over 46 years. As lawyers and attorneys our main goal is to help companies reach their business goals with the help of practical advocacy services”

Hedman Partners – who we are?

Developing and growing a business is demanding work. Top management needs to be surrounded by smart people, who get things done and understand that results are what matter most. Hedman Partners is a business law firm with a practical, common sense approach to business.

We are members of international alliances such as the lGBL Alliance and Iurisgal.

When you want to grow, ensure the legality and high level of data protection of your operations, implement corporate or financial arrangements - contact us.

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