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Dispute resolution

When things don’t go according to plan, a business may need to tread the waters of dispute resolution. In the case of a conflict, it is prudent to enlist the help of professionals as soon as possible.

Have you received a summons, found yourself in a conflict or been the victim of a breach of contract? The lawyers at Hedman Partners are on your side to preserve your rights and find the path forward when a dispute arises.

We represent our clients in all types of dispute resolution:

  • Out-of-court negotiations
  • Arbitration
  • Trial proceedings
  • Appeals
  • Mediations

Contact us for assistance with dispute resolution. An initial consultation does not carry any further obligations but will give you an overview of how the dispute could be resolved.

”Hedman Partners offers a utilization of legal services as strategic business support. With the support of our international partnering network, we can help you with business challenges near and far. Ask us for details! Our main objective is to help our clients grow their business and reach their goals.”

Help with a summons

If you or your business has received a summons, it is important to respond properly and on time. On your behalf, the lawyers at Hedman Partners can evaluate the dispute, respond to the summons and represent you throughout all stages of the action.

Help with a breach of contract

When contract terms are not honored, the aggrieved party must move to protect its rights and interests. Financial compensation may be in order. If you or your business has been the victim of a contract breach, or has been accused of a contract breach, we are here to help.


Help with international conflict situations

International partnerships and agreements can give rise to disputes, and they require an international approach. Hedman Partners works globally, using a network of partners worldwide, to assist you with disputes that transcend national borders.


Litigate or negotiate?

Attempting to resolve a dispute through a trial or an arbitration can take time and drain resources. It is important to evaluate disputes objectively and accurately so as to know when to litigate and when to negotiate. Hedman Partners can analyze your situation and evaluate your dispute to optimize your choice of resolution.

Dispute resolution: why choose Hedman Partners?

Disputes can drag on, make your thoughts race at night and consume your business’s resources. All this is not necessary. Our experienced lawyers help you take control of the situation, expedite the process and minimize the expense. The lawyers at Hedman Partners are trained to resolve conflict in our clients’ best interest. We recommend and pursue only the avenues of dispute resolution that are right for your business and your predicament. We are always open about costs, and we follow a transparent service and billing model. If you need to defend your business in the event of a conflict, you will want an experienced attorney by your side to help resolve the matter quickly and cost-effectively. Hedman Partners’ attorneys are seasoned in this role and know how to resolve conflicts to your advantage. In addition to resolving disputes, we ensure that resolution terms are enforced – both in Finland and worldwide.

Dispute resolution - contact us

We can help you make the right decisions during challenging times. For dispute resolution, we are on your side, with years of experience. Reacting quickly in the event of conflict can be critical, so contact us when the need arises. We can forge the path ahead together.

Our partner Jyrki Mustonen focuses on dispute resolution and business law.

Call us or write us a message. The first call is free of charge.

Jyrki Mustonen

Partner, Attorney-at-Law
+358 40 720 4598