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Brands and media

A business’s greatest value can lie in its intangible assets such as its brand and original content.

Protecting your brand and media at an early stage is crucial for preserving monetization opportunities and preventing unlawful use and imitation.

Hedman Partners can help you recognize, protect and benefit from the intangible assets of your business so that you can turn those assets into cash flow. We help you:

  • protect
  • defend
  • commercialize
  • develop

all intangible assets including intellectual property and specialized knowledge.

Ask us more about options for your brand, products or content. The first consultation is free of charge and does not commit you to anything further.

”We have been helping our corporate customers succeed for over 46 years. As lawyers and attorneys our main goal is to help companies reach their business goals with the help of practical advocacy services”


Protecting the distinctiveness of your firm or product you ensure exclusive right to their use. Protected brands allows interventions against commercial copying and unlawful use of your intellectual property. Protection with trademark or design right can serve as collateral for financing and can support the company in possible exit phase.

We support you in many ways:

  • Identifying the intangible value of your business
  • Protecting your intellectual property through appropriate means
  • Establishing and executing an intellectual property strategy
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts for protection and growth
  • Defending against infringement in or out of court
  • Ensuring that competitors follow appropriate trade practices when referring to your brand and intellectual property


Hedman Partners focuses on legal protection issues in the media sector. If you are an entrepreneur or an established professional in this area, you will find that we speak the same language. We work frequently in the media sector and are always current on the latest legal changes and trends. We can help you protect and profit from your creative work as well as break through to the global digital market.

The film industry

Increasing internationalization, the use of streaming platforms and new opportunities for production financing are rewriting the rules in the film industry. Whether you are a filmmaker, a producer or a distributor, we provide the necessary legal assistance.

We have a special passion for providing legal services to the film industry and are proud that many of our clients include film production companies in Finland and abroad. Whether you are a domestic art house or world-renowned studio, we are happy to be part of the team.

Would you like to bring your movie to a larger audience in the international market? Are you in charge of distribution? Do you need trademarks for your merchandise to maximize your project’s profits?

We can help identify and maximize opportunities, map out risks, resolve disputes and handle other legal matters.

To help our clients succeed in the film industry, we can assist with a variety of issues:

  • Copyrights and other intellectual property protection
  • Risk management including negotiations and contracts
  • Dispute resolution in and out of court
  • Infringement of intellectual property
  • Starting, growing and selling a business in the industry

The music industry

Whether a musician, a performer or a producer, you could need copyright protection. We can evaluate your needs and obtain the appropriate means of protection. If you are a user or a distributor of music, we can help you negotiate optimal terms of use.

Our services for the music industry include assistance with the following:

  • Copyrights of music and performances
  • Contracts for the legal use of music
  • Infringement and dispute resolution in and out of court

The gaming industry

In terms of size, the gaming industry currently dwarves the other media sectors. Finland is one of the superpowers of game development, and it is only a matter of time before the next breakthrough rockets its way to international growth. Before international fame, companies in gaming require sound legal guidance to prevent missteps and ensure longevity.

We can help with the legal issues associated with gaming:

  • Maximizing intangible rights
  • Leading negotiations and drafting contracts
  • Supporting development of new monetization models from legal perspective
  • Starting, growing and selling a business in the industry


The literary world

Ebooks, audiobooks and other delivery methods are rapidly gaining popularity alongside traditional formats. As a consequence, legal approaches to publishing issues have also changed with the times. At Hedman Partners, we help authors, translators, illustrators and publishers protect their rights in the digital world.

Hedman Partners is also known for representing national libraries. We have helped libraries in Finland with issues related to borrowing rights of console games, which has led to a wider selection of console games in libraries throughout the country. The results can been seen here.

Protect your rights by copyrighting your work:

  • as an author
  • as an illustrator
  • as a translator
  • as a publisher

Ask us more

Ask us more about options for your brand, products or content. The first consultation is free of charge and does not commit you to anything further.

Joni Hatanmaa

Partner, Attorney-at-Law
+358 9 42428763