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Finance and insurance sector

Knowing the law and putting it to good use offers a competitive advantage when selling and marketing products and services in the finance and insurance sector.

Would you like to hear about the best business opportunities from a legal standpoint and steer clear of the most common risks?

Hedman Partners has you covered in the finance and insurance sector.

”Hedman Partners offers a utilization of legal services as strategic business support. With the support of our international partnering network, we can help you with business challenges near and far. Ask us for details! Our main objective is to help our clients grow their business and reach their goals.”

As lawyers working in the finance and insurance sector

we give concrete advice on how to best conduct everyday business. We also help formulate commission agreements and aid in resolving disputes. We provide brokers and other professionals in the sector with business-driven forecasts and flexible service, even relating to scheduling and invoicing methods. For better documents, contract structures and operations models, you need look no further than Hedman Partners.

For marketers and entrepreneurs

we offer useful tips on selling and marketing products, and we ensure compliance and legality of operations. Because laws and regulations vary from country to country, our informed forecasting helps avoid costly risks. If you are bringing a new product to market, launching an innovation or upgrading materials, we make sure that the process goes smoothly and catches no legal snags.

We keep you informed of the current state of laws and regulations affecting your business, and we advise on how to best work within legal and regulatory frameworks to retain a competitive advantage.

Our services include:

  • Providing legal memorandums and regular counseling
  • Resolving questions and disputes related to insurance and compensation

Insurance policy conditions

We stay current with national legislation related to insurance contracts and how the laws affect policy conditions. We draft clear and enforceable contracts that provide stability for both you and your customers. We also check policy conditions so that your business is as secure as possible and safe from legal entanglement.

  • Counseling on concessions and marketing
  • Planning and drafting terms of service

Insurance brokering

We help insurance brokers succeed by evaluating risks beforehand and implementing strategies to avoid them. This includes developing across-the-board best practices for brokerages. We also ensure compliance and represent brokers in legal disputes so that their businesses run smoothly and remain competitive.


The finance and insurance sector, and its marketing, is highly regulated. A business can put time and money into marketing efforts or advertising campaigns only to find those efforts derailed by applicable laws or regulations, whether local or international.

We help ensure your business’s compliance and legality. From checking slogans to drafting contracts to planning speeches, we can assist you.

  • Compliance of operations
  • Legality of products and services
  • Local and international advisory


We bring knowledge and experience to our crowdfunding clients, both local and international.

  • Starting crowdfunding operations and entering markets
  • Drafting financial agreements
  • Creating collateral materials and other documents

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As your legal advisor and representative, we help you optimize the profit-making potential of your business. We act quickly and furnish the information and insight needed for you to make the right decisions.

The first consultation with us is free of charge. Sometimes that alone is enough to help you move forward. Should you become a client, you will find our billing and services practices reasonable and transparent.

Our attorney Jaakko Lehessaari has worked in the insurance and finance sector for many years. He has an intimate knowledge of the applicable laws and regulations and can help with all issues related to insurance and finance.

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